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Lovina Marshall Adams

Lavina Marshall Adams

Lovinia Marshall Adams
Birth: Mar. 12, 1844

Gloucestershire, England
Death: Oct. 12, 1904
Roberts, Jefferson County, Idaho, USA
wife of John Newton Adams

John Newton Adams (1833 - 1885)
John B Cutshaw (1846 - 1897)

Adams Cemetery
Jefferson County
Idaho, USA
Find A Grave Memorial# 54456845

John Newton Adams
Birth: Feb. 19, 1833

West Virginia, USA
Death: Nov. 21, 1885
Roberts, Jefferson County, Idaho, USA

John B Cutshaw
Birth: Jan. 25, 1846, USA

Death: Apr. 2, 1897
Roberts, Jefferson County, Idaho, USA

Sheriff Cutshaw married Lavina Marshall Adams(daughter of Sarah Goode Marshall) after the death of John Newton Adams. He was John Adams partner and took over his enterprises and married his wife after his death.
Lavina Marshall Adams Monument
Adams Cemetery in Roberts, Jefferson County, Idaho

History of Lovina Marshall Adams as printed in
Progressive Men of Bannock, Bear Lake

pp. 489

John Balmer.

Among the many nationalities of Europe who have given of their sons and daughters in aid in the work of developing, expanding and extending the domain of civilization in America none has sent better material than the intellectual German fatherland. Her children and their offspring have done a most excellent work in this country, being intelligent, industrious, law-abiding people, by their steady application to labor, their industry and thrift adding materially to the wealth of the country.

In this class of worthy and reliable citizens must be noted John Balmer, of Market Lake, Idaho, who, although born in St. Louis, Mo., and a typical American in thought and action, was the son of upright German parents, whose ancestral lives run back in the old country, farther than memory of man. Mr. Balmer is the son of Charles I. And Mary Balmer, the date of his birth being February 22, 1862. The father enlisted and served with credit in a Missouri regiment of the Union army during the Civil War, dying at the age of seventy-three years, being buried with military honors by his brethren of the Grand Army of the Republic. The mother proceeded him to the Silent Land, dying at the age of fifty-five years.

Passing his early life in his native state and receiving the educational advantages so liberally given in the public schools of St. Louis until he was sixteen years of age, John Balmer then struck out for himself, showing great boldness and self-reliance by plunging at once into the activities of the Far West, locating at Leadville, Colo., where he was at first engaged for a time in railroad construction work, then until he was eighteen years old, being connected with mining operations. Coming to Idaho and to Market Lake in 1880, he soon became the driver of the mail stage running between Market Lake, Rexburg and Egin, continuing to be thus employed for the period of two years. Having by this time, through diligent attention to business and a praiseworthy economy, established a sufficient fund of financial re-enforcement, he used his right of pre-emption, locating on a ranch and engaged in the stock raising industry. A few years later, his labors having met with a due reward, he sold his property and returned to St. Louis, where for nine years he continuously followed teaming operations. The old love of the West and its life of freedom then returned, and again, leaving his native city, he came direct to Market Lake, and at once secured employment as a driver for Mr. Sam Hart, soon however, leaving this service to become connected with the construction department of the Oregon Short Line Railroad, with which he has since been actively in touch, his qualifications for the labor being of a high character, and his work meeting the decided approval of his superiors.

Deeming it the duty as well as privilege of every citizen to establish a permanent home for himself, Mr. Balmer, in fulfillment of this thought, on July 14, 1886, entered int matrimonial relations with Miss Catherine M. Adams, a native of Market Lake, Idaho, where she was born on April 30, 1872, a daughter of John N. and Lovina Adams and to this marriage union have been born these children, pp490 Lavina J., born September 4, 1887; Mary A. born July 22, 1889; John N., born January 24, 1891; Olive L., born May 5, 1893.

As a man and a citizen Mr. Balmer is active in local and public matters of general interest, ever taking willing part in aiding all measures for the good of the public, is a strong Republican in political faith, and in fraternal circles is a valued member of the Modern Woodmen of America, formerly holding also a membership in the Ancient Order of United Workmen at St. Louis.

Aaron A.A. Adams

Among the prominent families of Staunton county, Va., for many years was noted that of Adams. The members were active, stirring, alert members of society, useful and honored by all the people. Here, on February 19, 1833, was born John N. Adams, who attained manhood in his native coutnry and there remained until the closing year of the great Civil War, when, in association with Thomas N. Lauder, he came to Idaho, where they conducted a stage line for a short time. Mr. Adams attending to the station at Pleasant Valley, from which place he later went to Market Lake, took up a ranch, and engaged in the raising of horses and cattle, in which he attained great prominence, before his death, on November 2, 1885, being rated as the heaviest stockraiser of the state. His operations in hay were gigantic, putting up and selling large quantities, being, however, often interrupted by the Indians, who burned his ricks and stacks, twice driving the settlers from their homes. He was one of the very earliest of the resident pioneers of the state, having to encounter to the full the deprivations, privations and hardships incident to existence on the advanced frontier of the country, acting and maintaining his political relations through his entire manhood in full and hearty co-operation with the Democratic party. He had the first survey run where the Butte and Market Lake Canal is now, but died too soon to see its completion.

On May 29, 1866, John N. Adams entered into matrimonial relations with Miss Lovina Marshall, whose birth occurred at Gloucester, England, on March 12, 1845, as a daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Good) Marshall, natives of England, and when she was quite young her father departed this life. The widowed mother, espousing the religious belief of the Mormon Church, emigrated, coming to Utah with her six small children, of whom Lovina was the eldest, crossing the plains with a handcart from Omaha to Salt Lake City, for the most of the way subsisting on buffalo meat and an extremely limited amount of other provisions. After arriving in Utah, they settled in Cache Valley, where the mother is still residing, having in the meantime married with Joseph Chadwick.

The children of John N. and Lovina (Marshall) Adams numbered twelve. John W. E born March 14, 1867, died June 17, 1869; George T E.. born July 9, 1868; Joseph N., born December 18, 1869; Melvina C., born April 30, 1870; John Q. F. born August 15, 1872; Elizabeth A., born Decmeber 18, 1873; Sarah L., born March 7, 1875; Aaron A.a. Born September 10, 1876; Charles F J., born September 13, 1878, deceased; Lovina Blanche, born October 13, 1i879; deceased; Robert D.R. Born March 23, 1881; Olive M., born June 6 1883, deceased. Of the living children all but Elizabeth who lives in Montana, are residents of Idaho. The family circle is further enlarged by fifteen living grandchildren.

After the death of Mr. Adams, on September 14, 1886, at Eagle Rock, his widow formed a matrimonial alliance with another of the strong men of the state, being then united with pp 491
John B. Cutshaw, who was born in Marshall county, Ill., on January 25, 1846, and departed this life at Market Lake, Idaho, on April 2, 1897. A man of force and great executive ability, his service as a corporal of Company A. Eleventh Michigan Calvary, in the Civil War, and his years of residence on the plains of the middle West, gave him the needed discipline to ensure his substantial success in the border life of Idaho, whither he came in 1881 from Kansas, locating at Market Lake, and engaging at first in stockraising, later being in business and public life as one of the prime factors in the construction of the Butte and Market Lake Irrigation Canal, which carries 30,000 inches of water, and in which company he was a director for some years, being also a vital force in many other enterprises for the development of the country. He was also the first sheriff to hold office in Fremont county, and a prominent member of the Republican party, his strong personality often wresting victor from defeat in its campaigns. His death resulted from consumption, from which he suffered for many years. The Salt Lake Tribune, in April, 1897., published a very comprehensive memoir of him. His funeral was at Market Lake, conducted under the auspices of the Masonic and Grand Army of the Republic societies, of both of which he was a member.

John B. Cutshaw Pension Document

Aaron Arthur A. Adams, the seventh child of John N. and Lovina (Marshall) Adams, was born at Market Lake, Idaho on September 10, 1876, and enjoyed the educational advantages of the schools of Blackfoot from 1887 to 1891. A man of nearly six feet in height, possessed of a strong and vigorous physique and mentality, from early life he was a man of activity, delighted in the out-of-door life of the valleys and mountains, and it was in full accord with the fitness of things that he should become a stock man, which vocation he has continuously followed from his early manhood, owning and running now, in association with his brothers, Robert and John, about 500 finely bred horses and 125 range cattle.

The brothers stand among the leading real estate owners of their county, and own fully one-half of the townsite of Market Lake. A very large block of the stock of the Butte and Market Lake Irrigation Canal Co., is owned by Mr. Adams, and he was for two years its secretary. Heartily in favor of the policies and principles of the Republican party, attempts have not been lacking to secure his acceptance of official positions in its gifts, but, with the exception of allowing his election to some minor ones, and showing a great interest of the schools of his district, he has manifested no desire to hold public office.

A very felicitous marriage was that which was consummated on February 11, 1902, when Mr. Adams and Miss Josie Ledwina were made man and wife. Mrs. Adams is the daughter of Joseph and Antonia (Wesley) Ledwina, natives of the ancient Europena kingdom of Bohemia and at present residents of Market Lake. Her birth took place on July 21, 1874, at Green Bay, Wis. To this marriage union has come one winsome daughter, Alice Caroline, born on September 2, 1902.

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